Highlands - Askja
This is the vastest lava area of the country. The individual lava fields date back to different ages, but all of them were created during the Holocene. The total area of the Odadahraun is about 6000 km² and all of it is the property of the farm Reykjahlid on lake Myvatn. It is a part of the Icelandic Graben and is very volcanically active. The natural phenomena described under this title are either within or on the outskirts of the area.
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Road F910 South
Road F910 South
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Svarta
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Oskjuvatn
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Herdureidarlindir
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Road F910 North
Road F910 North
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Road F902 Vikursandur
Road F902 Vikursandur
The area should only be accessed by 4wd vehicles or on foot. Hikers should be aware of the lack of surface water in the lava fields and bring along sufficient supplies of water. Hikers should also plan their daily progress conservatively and use maps rather than relying on their eyes, because the clear air draws all landmarks closer than they really are.
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Road F903 Hvannalindir
Road F903 Hvannalindir
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Kverkfjoll
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Jokulsa a Fjollum
Jokulsa a Fjollum
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Drekagil
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Askja
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Road F88 Arnarvatnsheidi
Road F88 Askja
There are very few vegetated oases in the area and the few huts are not situated, where a day's hike is concluded every time. Therefore it is necessary to bring tents along. Ancient routes across this area have been discovered during the last few decades. The whole area lies in the rain shadow of the icecap Vatnajokull and the precipitation is minimal the whole year round.
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Kverkfjoll Glacier Cave
Kverkfjoll Glacier Cave
Iceland - Highlands - Askja - Flowers
Flowers of Askja