Laugarvalladalur is a green oasis west of river Jökulsá á Dal, some 20 km. north of dam Káraghnjúkar. Close to the site of an abandoned farm there is a geothermal stream, ideal for taking a bath - or a shower in the warm waterfall where the stream runs into the valley's main river. Please be vary of the temperature as it sometimes rises well above suitable limits!
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Laugavellir was settled in 1900 on land within the Brü property. The first and only tenants here were Stefan Andresson from Gestredarstadir and Gudun , Halfdanardottir from Skaftafellssysla county. In the spring of 1906 they lost most of their sheep in a severe blizzard that hit on 28 April. Stefan, who had periodically suffered from depression, could not bear the strain and committed suicide, or, as the church register said, "died suddenly". Word of mouth has it that the wife was alone at the farm with the children when this happened. That is incorrect, because her mother was there at home as well as her nephew, who was a farmhand here.  
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