Between Hofn and Djupivogur
This village at the head of the bay Berufiord developed around an important trading post in the past. In 1589 the German Hansa merchants were granted a trading license there by the Danish king. Later on the Danish introduced the trade monopoly and took over themselves. The oldest houses (1788-1818) date back to the Danish period. One of them, Langabud (1790), has been renovated and transformed into a nice restaurant and museums. Fishing, fish processing and commerce are the main trades.
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The scenic beauty of the surroundings is renowned and visitors are treated well in every respect. The hotel Framtid (Hotel Future) has a good restaurant and a sauna. A Youth Hostel is at the nearby farm, Berunes. Boat trips to the island Papey, deep sea angling and a bike rental are among the recreational opportunities.
The monument in the middle of the small town was unveiled on June 20th, 1999 in memory of drowned seamen and fishermen. The sculptor was Johanna Thordardottir.
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