Hi, there! Let me tell you a little bit about us, The Westfjords of Iceland is a large peninsula at the north western part of Iceland. The Westfjords only has about 7.000 inhabitants and is around 22 km2 of size, so even with growing numbers of visitors there is still plenty of space for everyone.
Iceland - Westfjords - Saurbaer
Iceland - Westfjords - Gufudalur
Iceland - Westfjords - Latrabjarg
Iceland - Westfjords - Latrabjarg - Puffin
Latrabjarg - Puffin
Iceland - Westfjords - Latrabjarg - Gullemot
Latrabjarg Gullemot
Iceland - Westfjords - Breidavik

The Westfjords were built up around the fishing industry due to its location close to some of the best fishing grounds in Iceland. We are therefore, settled in many small villages all around the region – and for centuries our lives revolved around fish, fish and some more fish. On your journey you will most likely become aware of this legacy, you might see a fish drying hut alongside the road, you might eat fresh seafood at one of our many restaurants or see our fishermen heading out to sea early in the morning.
Iceland - Westfjords - Patreksfjordur
Icelande - Westfjords - Bildudalur
Iceland - Westfjords - Dynjandisheidi
Iceland - Westfjords - Hrafnseyri
Iceland - Westfjords - Thingeyri
Iceland - Westfjords - Isafjordur
This is the segment where we do some bragging, all nine of the municipalities of The Westfjords have joined hands and taken a big step towards sustainability. We are now in a benchmarking process with EarthCheck, an international tourism and environmental management and advisory group. Our focus is becoming an environmentally certified community where we take nature into the account in all our decision making. So we are working on becoming lean, green and sustainable!
Iceland - Westfjords - Flatey
Iceland - Westfjords - Bardastrond
Iceland - Westfjords - Gardar BA 64
Gardar BA 64
In The Westfjords there are endless options for recreation. Are you a nature loving hippie, a family of five, an obsessive birdwatcher or an amateur hiker, we have something right up your alley. Whether it is your dream to pet an arctic fox, hike for three days and see nobody else, run on red sandy beaches or soak in a geothermal hot pool, The Westfjords are the place to make that dream come true.

Source: Brochure 2016 of www.westfjords.is