Gardar BA 64
Garðar BA 64 is the oldest steelship in Iceland, built in Norway 1912 as a whaling vessel. It beached in 1981 near Patreksfjordur.
Garðar's original name was Globe IV and was equipped with sails and a steam engine. So it could be used even there was no wind.
In 1936 it has been sold to the Faroe Island where it got a new name. At the end of WW2 the vessel was sold again to Iceland. It changed its name again into Siglunes SI 89.
The old steam engine was replaced with a 378 hp Ruston Hornsby diesel engine. In 1963 it change the name for the last time into Gardar BA64.
In December 1981 Garðar BA 64 was beached ashore willingly at Skápadalur valley in Patreksfjörður. Now it is a tourist attraction in a spectacular scenery.
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