TVaglaskógur forest hoasts some of the tallest and most beautiful native birch trees in Iceland and is among the most popular forests in Iceland. Every year thousands of guests enjoy a stay in the forest which is ideal for outings. Vaglaskógur has well organized camp sites and recreational areas. Guests come from far and near, and some even camp for the entire summer on long term caravan sites available in the forest.
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Vaglaskógur is one part of a bigger forest area, one of the largest continuous forests in Iceland which covers most of the eastern side of Fnjóskadalur valley south of Ljósavatnsskarð pass. Extending north from it is Hálsskógur forest and to the south are the forests Lundsskógur, Þórðarstaðaskógur, Belgsárskógur and Bakkaselsskógur. The different names are due to the traditional farm names although they are in fact one continuous forest.