Most frequently called Fontur, Langanesfontur is the outermost part of Langanes A lighthouse, first built 1910, is located there on a cliff about 50-70 m. The current lighthouse is from 1950. Significant sea accidents have occurred at Fontur the last one during the fall of 1907. Then a Norwegian vessel went down, coming from Jan Mayen with 17 people on board. The ship stranded at the tip of Langanes. The entire crew drowned except one. He made it to the cliff and stayed overnight in a cavern but was able to climb up to the cliffs edge the following day.
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That was considered to be quite a feat. Most of the bodies were found in the sea under the cliff. They were transported to Sauđanes and buried there in one grave. In the north side of the cliff and close to the lighthouse is a rift in the rock called Engelskagjá (English rift). It is said that a crew of an English ship, which stranded a long time ago under Fontur, made it to shore and up the rift. The story is the source of the rift's name. On their way to the nearest farm all the men died due to being cold and tired except the captain, the only man to survive A cross still stands between Skoruvík and Skálar, where the bodies of the men are believed to have been found and buried. On the cross is written, "here lie 11 English men".