Langanes - Saudanes

The Saudanes church estate is located about 7 km north of Þórshöfn. Aside from being fertile, the land offers great benefits such as eiderdown, driftwood and trout fishing. The $ estate therefore used to be in high demand as it was, at the time, among the top three benefices in the country. A church is considered to have been at Saudanes since the 12th century. Many renowned pastors have lived and served there, but the most active in terms of construction was Rev. Vigfús Guđmundsson. He was previously minister at Svalbarđi.

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Three buildings, raised under his stewardship, still stand in Norđur-Þingeyjarsýsla, i.e. the church at Svalbarđi (1848), the rectory at Saudanes (1879) and Saudanes church (1889). The old rectory is built with stone that was transported over long distances and chiseled at location. Rev. Guđmundsson had a ship made primarily for transporting material for the buildings, for example the rock for the house at the southernmost tip of Langanes. Currently, a relic museum, tourist information service and a cafeteria are operated in the old house at Sau3anes. Saudanes was the acting parish for Langanes until 1999, when a church was built at Þórshöfn.