Langanes - Þórshöfn
Þórshöfn village is located on the lowlands in southwestern Langanes, on the eastern side of Lónafjorđur, the inner most part of Þitilfjörđur. It is said that in the middle of Langanes the hammer of the heathen god Thor came down and therefore the harbour of the region is named after him, Þórshöfn. The inhabitants of Þórshöfn are around 480 presently, Þórshöfn is named in the licenses of foreign traders from the 16th century, but it became an authorized trading port during 1846.
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In the year 1895 an ordering company with its trading place in Þórshöfn was formed and during 1897 a Danish company, Örum & Wulff built a large and elaborate wooden trading and residential building. The Langanes Co-op was founded in 1911 and until 1996 it ran a wide variety of business activities such as trading, slaughterhouse, freezing plant, fishmeal plant and workshops. Fishing and fish processing is the main commercial activity now and the town has grown significantly the least few years.